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5 stars only for the musics choice

That cut at the end tho XD

Top 3!

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Nice puzzle game, maybe the letter system could have been included in more levels

After the addition of checkpoints, it became a bit better =)

Not bad for a game in its early stages!

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You never fail to deliver bangers =)

NG VGM Challenge II - Void Heart: Review

I've always had a thing for those kinds of song titles, which seem almost "decorative" to me.

Technical-wise, this piece is outstanding! Very good use of sidechain, bass and drums don't overlap each other, it's good! If there is something I wanna point out, it's about the transitions and the way they are related to the challenge prompt.

In the story, a lot of dramatic and very bad things happen to the main character, making it get a dark turn for most part: in comparison, while this piece is balanced and composed well, I find it a tad bit too "happy" at times, and with not enough spaces for the dark parts in the second half of the track. It could have helped if you made the bridge section darker, with more suspense involved and less sudden.

Despite that, you're the only one who attempted to represent the entire story in his submission rather than just a part of it, kudos.
Overall, good interpretation, great mixing and juicy sidechain =))

Thanks for participating!

chiptami responds:

hehe thank you so much too for giving me the extra time to do this and also for making this great prompt; will be glad to do another mutty99 prompt in the next installment of the vgm challenge

til' then be seeing you! :DD

NG VGM Challenge II - Void Heart: Review

Strange submission we got here.

The style is pretty unique, not something I come across often; it reminds me a lot of Earthbound for some reason, maybe it's the instrumentation that sounds like it's from a SNES soundfont or something.

Some instruments cover each other and viceversa pretty often, making the piece dull and unbalanced at first impact; after listening to the whole thing though, I think it was an intentional choice, taking into consideration the style of the track.

The distorted ambience reminds me of a mental breakdown, re-connecting therefore to the betrayal moment, and everything comes together because of this.
Overall, extravagant compositional choice, but still stands out well among the other pieces.

Thanks for participating!

Anonymous-Frog responds:

Your prompt definitely had 'JRPG' written all over it.

A few weeks ago, version 4.0 of BeepBox was released, adding more realistic sounding synthesisers, advanced filters, and more audio channels. If you click on the link in the description that says ‘Source Link’ (I link the original BeepBox URLs), you can see that I used the detune effect heavily.

Also keep in mind that I rushed this submission on the final day and struggled to come up with something good.
Expect me to come back if the VGMC returns in the following years.

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What a wondrous sight...

Meep! =3

There should be some sort of progress tracking for whistles.

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