"Your weakness is your emotions. Emotions such as... Self-Loathing." -Oscar

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Void Heart


Shizo is a young boy who made a pact with the powerful demon Yatagarasu to defeat Enex, the infamous leader of an organization that wreaks havoc on the world, trying to conquer and dominate it with an army of demon soldiers. Ami is a girl who fights alongside him.

The world is in a state of chaos as the fighting goes on; fire took the lives of thousands. Monuments were destroyed and buildings exploded. The Earth is unrecognizable.

The two young fighters are inseparable and are both capable of using demon powers. They managed to escape from Enex’s base, where they were subject to experiments, and they overcame many obstacles and foes together. Despite all Enex put them through, they survived.

Shizo has a huge crush on Ami, even if she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings: he would do anything to protect her - even sacrifice his own life. His past is terrifying: he’s seen every one of his relatives and friends die in battle, and the demon contract causes him immense pain. Ami is everything he has left: if something bad happens to her as well, he would completely lose that last bit of hope he has left.

On the other hand, Ami is kind but reserved, and she has long been friendzoning her teammate. The affection she shows him now, however, is unprecedented. She holds him dearly. Nevertheless, at times she looks like she’s hiding something from him, but the latter trusts her completely after she saved his life when they were kids.

Now their greatest enemy is lying on the ground, powerless. They finally have the chance to take revenge on him for killing their families.

Shizo takes the initiative:

“I’m going to do it. Ami, step back. Soon it’ll be all over.”

The girl nods at him. Shizo takes a deep breath, then brands his Iridium Blade, walks towards Enex and lifts his sword, going for the head.

Suddenly, however, when he's about to reach the neck, he gets stabbed in the stomach from behind and falls on the floor in agony. After turning his head around, he can’t believe what he’s seeing: Ami is smiling in satisfaction, her right hand covered in blood. 

“Ami… What’s the meaning of this? I thought we were teammates, that we were on the same side, that we were friends! I trusted you!!”

“Friends? In your dreams! You were so easy to fool, to seduce, to make you think you had a chance with me, you disgusting piece of crap. I always used you from the very beginning, isn’t that true, Dear Enex?”

“That’s right, You lost, stupid kid. Ami, my dear, come and heal me, quick.”

After the girl uses a spell with a green aura on him, the two exchange a passionate kiss. Shizo can’t believe this is happening: everything he experienced with her, every sensation he felt. It was all a lie.

“Surprise, wanna-be superhero: she is not only my best creation, but also my fiancée, AH! I told you so: you are born a failure, you stay a failure. Ami, will you please finish him off? I’m getting sick of his tears.”

“With pleasure, dear.”

The betrayer lifts her Energy Knife in the air, and after reaching a disheartened Shizo, she says to him those exact words: 

"Cheer up, you're soon going to join your family. IN HELL! SAYONARA!!"

The love that Shizo felt for Ami was the only thing that allowed him to keep his sanity.

Now that it's gone, Shizo had no reason to hold back his bottled-up rage, frustration, and hatred.

"Yatagarasu, you were right all along. This wicked world does not deserve to exist. Go 100%. Kill everyone. DESTROY! EVERYTHING!"

As an explosion follows, his figure becomes unrecognizable, and his rampage can't be stopped: Ami and Enex try to restrain him, but they get annihilated by a single Laser Bomb from the demon's mouth. The city follows the same fate, then everything else.

Hatred consumes Shizo from the inside, and as a result he took the planet's life force and ripped it apart, leaving nothing but ashes in the empty space.


Compose a song that represents this entire story.

The purpose of my prompt is simple: Shizo, a kind and selfless young man who fights for a good cause, encounters the worst betrayal a person can imagine, at the worst time. With his past messed up, Ami's action is the last straw: let the song tell how heavy and terrifying the betrayal is, let the listener understand how Shizo's mind develops while he starts to lose his sanity, then go all out and create the most aggressive, explosive and destructive section you can think of (Behave of Distortion!). 

Try to recreate the scenery described in the beginning: a city destroyed by fire, almost no one survived. Drama, drama everywhere!

Tragic, but direct with a powerful and clear emotional drive: that's the kind of piece I would make if I were a participant. Have fun!