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Hi there, i'm Mutty99, music producer. I mainly do remixes but sometimes i make also some originals. Hope you guys enjoy my stuff ;)

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This post will be currently updated as time passes by, including the status of my activities.

Status: Active

Will be for a little while.

Legend (Does not apply for collabs):

/READY/ = The track is finished! It'll be released soon (may take some time because of After Effects)

/Day Month/ = Like /READY/ but the remix has a programmed date to come out.

/PR 1/ = Actively working on this one.

/PR 2/ = After i've finished /PR 1/ track, this one is gonna take its place.

/PR 3/ = I have intention to go further with this in 2020, but not for now.

*-* = This track might be delayed to 2021, dunno. If you see a song in the 2021 row, it's never gonna be released this year.

So, here it is.

1) A new original mix /PR 1/

2) Till It's Over (Full Remix) /PR 2/

3) Endless Possibilities (Remastered cover, NG friendly)

4) DK Jungle Climber - Cranky's Teachins (NG Remastered) *-*

5) Dreams of an Absolution (Remix) *-*

6) A mash-up of two popular tracks. Hint: CG + FB

Collabs ongoing: DDLC - Your Reality (Remix)

2021: Guren no Yamiya, Mickey Mania - Wharf (Remix), another Cornered remix, 2 Original tracks reworks (Secret :3), Gas Gas Gas (Full Remix), Scan 2 Go [OP] - Never Give Up (Remix), one or two Nitrome remixes

Possible ideas: Ultra Necrozma, Nokia - Swimming (Full version), Daddy DJ

Accepted ideas: None (for now)

Feel free to suggest some songs you want me to remix, and i'll consider your requests :)

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