Bad News (New Copyright Rules Consequences)

2017-01-26 18:00:24 by mutty99

Hi guys, i have bad news. New copyright rules there don't allow me to publish some of my works in progress (covers/remix of songs from artists out of this website). So i won't upload on my ng page the following covers/remixes still in project files:

Go West (Arkanoid 4000, Mutty Cover)

Lazy Town Bing Bang (Mutty Remix)

I'm so sad to tell this ;3; However those 2 covers are gonna be available on my Youtube page in the next months. Kden, have a nice day! ;)

EDIT: This also means that those 2 songs will never be used on Geometry Dash XP



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2017-01-26 18:37:37

I feel your pain, I wanted to upload my 2 remixes Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay and I won't let you go by Switchfoot. Sucks doesn't it!?

mutty99 responds:

Yep NG is having legal issues cos of protected songs' unathorized uploadings XP