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"There is no end, only new beginnings."

Posted by mutty99 - September 20th, 2020

Ok then.

Time to tell the truth about everything that happened one week ago, that culminated with me "leaving" Newgrounds. Forget the last post completely and read carefully the next lines if you are an active follower of my page and works.

What happened exactly?

It all started with my latest mash-up remix, Caramell Madness: it was a really hard project to finish, that saw many different version before being released, many tweaks and many hours spent into it. Less than 24 hours after being uploaded, it got removed for violating the Audio Guidelines. I thought that not including copyrighted samples would have been enough to not come across a submission deletion, but apparently it wasn't.

This is not the only reason though: after NGUAC ended, i realized how much i sucked comparing to the many artists i heard during the competition, and i felt extremely negative emotions. Those facts, mixed with two other events happened irl, made me see red, and i left 99% of the music communities i was in on Discord, including the NG Audio Pub.

I spent the last two days to reflect about what happened, to see if i could have faced my fears and confronted the community in a better way: i decided to come back, but my page will go through drastic changes.

First from now on, to prevent any more audio moderations issues,

I will upload NO MORE remixes and covers in this site ever again.

The full version covers of Gas Gas Gas, Till It's Over and Nokia's Swimming are an exception. I thought for a while if i should upload them or not when finished, and i've decided to give in, but at the slightest audio moderation conflict i'll refrain from putting them online in the first place.

It's a painful and hard decision, but necessary if i want to stay here peacefully.

My future original creations will still be uploaded and shared within the site, and the previous remixes i made before this post will stay online as well.

Even if i won't be as active as before, i'll still be around to help with TaintedLogic's contest in the years to come, and maybe support for one month the site when i find the right time and conditions.

That said, see you around Newgrounders.




Hey man! You've been my jury for the two rounds of NGUAC 2020, and I just wanna say thank you for all the positive vibes you delivered in the contest. Don't let these negative thoughts get over you, we'll be there to support you as Newgrounds artists! Stay strong :)

~ Ahurac

Sometimes i just can't take support for granted.
Thanks very much ?

* :)

@mutty99 don't listen to toxic people, all you need is feedback and support